What is OIB / PIN and how do I get it for buying Real Estate in Croatia?


What is OIB / PIN and how do I get it for buying Real Estate in Croatia?

If you, as a foreigner, want to buy an apartment, house, or other real estate in Croatia, you need a Personal Identification Number, known as OIB.
Considering that OIB is essential, this official number plays a crucial role in the real estate purchase process in Croatia.
As a foreign citizen planning to purchase property in another country, it is extremely important to be thoroughly informed about the rules and procedures.
Therefore, we have prepared key information for you:

- What is OIB in Croatia?
- What is the Purpose of OIB in Croatia?
- Why do I, as a foreigner, need OIB to buy real estate in Croatia?
- How can a foreigner obtain OIB in Croatia?
- How to submit a Request for OIB?
- How can a real estate agency assist with OIB?


What is OIB in Croatia?

OIB / PIN, representing the Personal Identification Number, is assigned to citizens and legal entities in Croatia.
It is a unique 11-digit number that is constant and non-repeating. Citizens of the Republic of Croatia automatically receive it from birth, while legal entities receive it upon establishment.
Foreign citizens are required to obtain OIB to be registered in official records, including acquiring ownership rights to real estate.


What is the Purpose of OIB in Croatia?

The Personal Identification Number in Croatia is introduced to ease administrative burdens for citizens and enhance the efficiency of state institutions.

OIB brings improvements in the Republic of Croatia, such as:
- Automatic data exchange between different bodies of state administration and other institutions, allowing citizens to achieve their rights more quickly and easily.
- Better control over the property of citizens and legal entities, as well as monitoring transactions, a crucial prerequisite for a transparent economy.
- Alignment of Croatian legislation with European legislation, contributing to harmonization and improvement of the legal framework according to European standards.

Regarding real estate purchases, OIB contributes to transparency, legal identification, and facilitates the integration of foreign citizens into the real estate ownership system in Croatia.


Why do I, as a foreigner, need OIB to buy real estate in Croatia?

Foreign individuals need OIB if they are registering in the official property and personal records in the Republic of Croatia.
OIB is also required if a foreign person becomes a taxpayer according to special regulations.

Foreign buyers purchasing real estate in Croatia fall under this rule for both reasons:
- By purchasing real estate, they become Croatian taxpayers by acquiring the property.
- The right of ownership of the property is recorded in the land registry, which is an official record.


How can a foreigner obtain OIB in Croatia?

If you are a foreign citizen and need OIB for the purchase of real estate, you need to fill out the Request for Determining and Assigning a Personal Identification Number and submit it to the Tax Administration.
The request for issuing OIB for foreigners can be filled out in Croatian, English, and German:
- Request for OIB issuance in Croatian
- Request for OIB issuance in English
- Request for OIB issuance in German

Along with the completed request, you need to attach one of the identification documents:
- Passport
- European Identity Card (for EU citizens)
- Identification document of the country of citizenship with proof of citizenship

If you are submitting the request as a foreign legal entity, an additional document is required: the Act of Establishment.
This document is a decision or an extract from the relevant registry in Croatian or translated into Croatian by an authorized court interpreter.

In a situation where the request is submitted by an authorized representative for a foreign individual or legal entity, an additional power of attorney document is required, which must be in Croatian or translated into Croatian.
If the power of attorney is issued by a notary public, lawyer, public body, bank, or tax advisor, it does not need to be notarized.
If the request is submitted by a natural person for a foreign person, a notarized power of attorney is required.

You can check the required documentation for submitting the OIB request in foreign languages on the official documentation of the Tax Administration:
- Documentation for OIB request in English
- Documentation for OIB request in German


How to submit a Request for OIB?

The request for determining and assigning a Personal Identification Number must be personally submitted to the tax office of the Tax Administration.
For private individuals and legal entities in Croatia, the request is submitted to the local branch according to the address of residence or headquarters.

For foreign citizens or Croatian citizens without a residence address in Croatia, the request must be submitted to the branch competent for the location where the cause for monitoring originated.
If the local jurisdiction cannot be determined, the request is submitted to the Tax Administration in the Regional Office Zagreb.

If you have purchased real estate on the Island of Krk or in Crikvenica, you can go to the corresponding branch in Krk or Crikvenica, which falls under the Regional Office Rijeka.
You can find all regional offices, their branches, addresses, contacts, and working hours on the official address book of the Tax Administration.

OIB issuance is completely free, and you can obtain the OIB confirmation within a few minutes of submitting the request.
Due to office workload, there is a possibility the confirmation may not be immediately ready, in which case it will be prepared for later pickup.

How can a real estate agency assist with OIB?

CASA DE MAR real estate agency can significantly ease the process of applying for OIB.
We can help you with filling out the request, preparing documentation, and, with authorization, submit your request to the tax office on your behalf.



Although legal aspects, such as OIB, may seem daunting when purchasing real estate in Croatia, it is important to note that it is a simple and hassle-free process necessary for realizing your investment in Croatia.

With our expertise and professionalism, CASA DE MAR real estate agency is at your disposal, aiming to facilitate every step of the buying process.
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