About us

CASA DE MAR is a licensed real estate agency, strongly focused on making complete and comprehensive arrangements, whether for purchasing or for selling houses, apartments and land.

Properties in sale at CASA DE MAR real estate agency are located in the northern Adriatic, namely the Kvarner region, in particular on the island of Krk and the Crikvenica-Vinodol Riviera.

We have a long experience in the Real Estate business, which is continuously upgraded with further improvements. CASA DE MAR real estate agency is continually investing in acquiring new knowledge and skills related to real estate trading, as well as in monitoring trends in the market and all applicable laws and their amendments.

Why choose CASA DE MAR Real Estate Agency?

For us, selling properties is a quest for a house that you can truly call your home

It is not only about buying a house that looks nice, but to find a space where you can live in and feel it as a true home.


Quite often, buying and selling a property turns out from a necessity and a constructive idea into a vortex of anxiety and tension. We think that it does not need to, and should not be so. The buyer should be, while searching for his/her new living space, feeling comfortable and perfectly safe.

The process of buying and selling a property at CASA DE MAR is completely transparent; through the whole procedure, we will guide you securely - providing you all important information.

It is true that the real estate market in general can quite often be unpredictable - sudden problems, obstacles and setbacks are not unusual. If and when such problems occur, we resolve them quickly and efficiently, thanks to our expertise and past experiences, which enabled us for any potential emergencies.


Any successful buying or selling of real estate begins with good advice. Our customers always get good advice - we share with you our experiences and we guide you with our expertise on the right path.

It is very important to be well informed about all significant matters, to make the right decision when buying or selling a property, in this complex process. While working transparently, we are particularly committed to educate our clients to be better informed about the procedure and what they should expect from it.


Buying a property is a serious business. It definitely should not be a hasty thing.

We know how important a decision about buying a new apartment or a house can be in your life - it is truly important to know, what exactly are you expecting from your new home. It is important to take enough time to find the'' right thing''.

CASA DE MAR real estate agency accompanies you in a search for the right property, from the beginning to an end. You are not looking for Real Estate by other people's standards, but what it best suits to your own interests, and we will assist you.

Legal certainty

The process of buying and selling Real Estate at CASA DE MAR real estate agency has been further strengthened with the legal support. We work closely with a reputable law office in Rijeka and thus quickly resolve all legal uncertainties.


We differ from others because we resolutely refuse to be merely an administrative support when buying and selling a real estate - taking care of our customer and humane approach to business are not less important. Well done buying or selling of real estate is our priority, but we simultaneously focus on maintaining a good relationship between our clients and us, as the agency.

FAIRLY, THOROUGHLY, FRIENDLY - this is the approach we take for each of our clients. Many of our clients return to us even after a sale or purchase has been concluded, because they know that they can always count on our additional advice and/or recommendations.


Clients who come from outside the Croatian borders in particular need information related to local laws and market trends, as they are more or less unknown to them. Linguistic and administrative differences can cause a series of misunderstandings, so that the quality information and counseling to foreign customers is our priority. We want you, a future owner of a property in Croatia, to feel welcomed, safe and comfortable - therefore it is our mission to facilitate a process of purchasing a property as much as possible.

If you are purchasing a property in the northern Adriatic, you should feel this process as a pleasant adventure of discovering a possible location for your new home. If you are buying a property in the Kvarner region for your business venture, investment in tourism, then you need to think about your future customers. Before a decision on purchasing is made, it is necessary to investigate and consider all options, so that a building, land and location perfectly fit into your target market.

Do not worry, in our database of real estates are some of the most attractive locations in the northern Adriatic, as well as an extremely diverse selection of houses and apartments for different desires and needs.

We are confident that we can help you to find a property that suits you. Contact us today, and with the help of our agency, create your better tomorrow.

Let CASA DE MAR real estate agency become your lasting, reliable partner for buying real estate in Croatian Adriatic!
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