What Documentation is Important for Buying and Selling Real Estate?


What Documentation is Important for Buying and Selling Real Estate?

When buying and selling a house or apartment, the documentation of the property is of utmost importance. Whether you are in the position of a buyer or seller, it is crucial to have a property with proper paperwork.

We have prepared answers to the most frequently asked questions related to documentation for you:

- What documentation is essential for buying real estate?
- What is a Land Registry Extract?
- What is a Building Permit?
- What is an Occupancy Permit?
- What is an Energy Certificate?
- I want to buy a new construction, what should I look out for?

Thoroughly checking the documentation when purchasing real estate is crucial to avoid legal complications. Possessing proper documentation assures the buyer that the property complies with regulations and eliminates the risk of illegal construction. In addition to legal security, well-organized paperwork streamlines and facilitates the purchasing process, allowing for quicker exchange of information between parties and more efficient transaction closure.

On the other hand, for sellers, having organized documentation makes the property more attractive in the market, increasing the chances of a successful sale, as buyers prefer properties with complete documents. Transparency and trust in the buying and selling process are ensured by owning a property with well-maintained paperwork.

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Which Documents are Essential for Buying and Selling Real Estate?

When deciding to buy an apartment or a house, it is crucial to thoroughly check the documentation accompanying the property. This includes, but is not limited to, an extract from the land registry, building permit, occupancy permit, and energy certificate. Ensuring the correct documentation is crucial to avoid unwanted complications and ensure transparency in the process.

What is a Land Registry Extract?

The Land Registry Extract is a vital document consisting of possession, ownership, and encumbrance records. These parts provide detailed information about ownership, any changes in ownership, and encumbrances that may affect the property. Given the importance of this document, a careful analysis of the land registry extract is crucial for informed decisions when purchasing real estate.

What is a Building Permit?

A Building Permit is an official document issued by the competent authority (usually the city or municipality) approving construction activities at a specific location. This crucial legal document regulates the type of work, plans, technical specifications, and construction conditions. Its issuance ensures that construction activities comply with applicable laws, urban plans, and building standards.

What is an Occupancy Permit?

An Occupancy Permit is a legal confirmation from the competent authority that the completed building complies with the valid building permit and meets all safety and standard requirements for safe occupancy or use of space. As the name implies, this permit indicates the readiness of the property for use. The Occupancy Permit is like a "green light" for your property and is crucial when buying real estate to ensure the legality of construction and confirm that the property is suitable for residential or commercial use.
The use of a building may be permitted even with the possession of a specific equivalent to the Occupancy Permit, such as a Certificate of Compliance, which also enables the acquisition of the legal status of use.


What is an Energy Certificate?

An Energy Certificate is an essential document that provides insight into the energy characteristics of a building. This mandatory documentation not only serves as a relevant factor when selling, renting, or leasing real estate but also as a guide for potential maintenance costs and energy efficiency. Thoroughly reviewing the energy certificate helps the buyer make informed decisions about future financial commitments.

I want to buy a new construction, what should I look out for?

In the case of buying a property under construction, it is necessary to thoroughly examine the documentation, including the executive building permit and the main project. These documents ensure that construction has been carried out in accordance with regulations and that the new owner will receive a property that meets high-quality standards.



The real estate buying and selling process represents a challenging task that becomes even more complex without a thorough documentation check. Documentation can be crucial for facilitating the entire process, but at the same time, its disorderliness can seriously hinder the process. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to a detailed analysis of paperwork to ensure a smooth and worry-free realization of your property purchase or sale.

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