How to Buy Real Estate in Croatia?


How to Buy Real Estate in Croatia?

Purchasing real estate, despite presenting challenges and stress, can be eased by carefully following steps after finding the perfect property. Existing challenges can turn into opportunities if you navigate the buying process correctly.

We have prepared for you the steps in the real estate buying process in Croatia:

- What does the process of buying a house or apartment look like?
- Preliminary Contract
- Purchase Contract
- Ownership Registration
- Real Estate Transfer Tax

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What does the process of buying a house or apartment look like?

The process of buying real estate consists of several key steps. After professionally touring properties and successful negotiations, the Preliminary Contract is concluded, followed by the signing of the Purchase Contract. The next important step is Ownership Registration, a formal procedure through a notary public that ensures the transfer of ownership in the land registry for the respective property. Finally, the buyer must report the purchase to the Tax Administration and pay the real estate transfer tax, concluding the entire process.

Preliminary Contract

Signing the Preliminary Contract requires careful definition of all relevant data about the property, including land registry information, property description, price, the date of final contract signing, and the amount of the deposit. The deposit ensures the seriousness of both parties in the buying process and serves as a means of assurance that the seller will deliver the property to the buyer. In the event the property is not delivered, the buyer is compensated by the seller paying double the deposit amount.

Purchase Contract

The Purchase Contract, following information from the Preliminary Contract, further includes the date of property handover to the buyer, seller's warranty, and other key details. Involving a lawyer, included in the services and agency commission of Casa de Mar, is recommended to ensure legal security and protect the buyer's interests.

Ownership Registration

The process of acquiring ownership rights to real estate is achieved through registration in the land registry. To achieve this, certain documentation, including a proposal for registration, sale and purchase agreement, and evidence of the buyer's citizenship, must be submitted. This step is crucial for formalizing ownership and recognizing ownership under the law.

Real Estate Transfer Tax

Notaries inform the Tax Administration within 30 days of signing and notarizing the sale and purchase agreement about the acquisition of the property, and the buyer has a financial obligation to pay the real estate transfer tax, amounting to 3% of the market value of the property. In some cases, the buyer is exempt from tax, such as when buying new construction from a developer or if the property is purchased by a company.




Considering the complexity of the real estate buying process, thorough examination of documentation, engaging professionals, and adhering to legal procedures play a crucial role in ensuring a safe and successful purchase. By following the steps mentioned, potential property owners can reduce risks and ensure transparency throughout the entire process.

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